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Principal Message

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I am glad to welcome you to Future International School website, a school that is inspired by the wisdom of the U.A.E. leaders and aims for excellency in our school and student achievement.

We are a school that promotes academic excellence by providing a broad, balanced US Curriculum along with the UAE Ministry of Education Curriculum that are  implemented through high-quality learning and instruction strategies.

We are very proud of our students and their achievements and do our best along with parents and the community, to ensure that they are academically, socially and emotionally safe and well catered for. 

Our dedicated staff inspire and motivate our students to their highest potential by building healthy rapport with them, effective student-centered teaching strategies and guidance towards independent learning.                                                                   

Besides, it is important for us to prepare our students for a technological world and provide them with the skills and competencies that secure their role and place in a very challenging-changing economy and to be effective citizens who contribute to the global community.

Thus, we encourage you to join our family and we also encourage all our parents to be fully involved and supportive to the school culture and what we offer to our dear students.

Najat Abou Fakhr

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