Cyber Safety Policy

Future International School has a statutory obligation to maintain a safe physical and emotional environment for the students in its care. Additionally, we have a responsibility linked to the use of the Internet and Information Communication Technologies (ICT), and a number of related cyber-safety issues. However, the School Board recognizes that the presence in the learning environment of these technologies can also facilitate anti-social, inappropriate, and even illegal, material and activities. The school has the dual responsibility to maximize the benefits of these technologies, while at the same time to minimize and manage the risks.


Therefore, The school recognizes the need for relevant education about cyber-safety for the school community, disciplinary responses appropriate to breaches of cyber-safety, the availability of appropriate pastoral support, and potential issues.
The Cyber-safety Policy guides students in the safe and responsible use of all digital resources and internet.



Dear Student,


Read and abide to the below practices:


  1. I will not share my login or password details with any other person. 

  2. I will only use e-mail or the internet as instructed by the teacher or the school.

  3. I will only go to internet websites as directed by my teacher.

  4. I will not give my personal details such as name, address, telephone number or photograph to anyone on e-mail or the social media

  5. I will not give personal details of any other person such as name, address, telephone number or photography to anyone else on e-mail or social media.

  6. I must be sensible when using the Internet and other communication technologies. I know that I must not do anything that would hurt me or anyone else.

  7. I will notify the teacher immediately if I accidentally access an inappropriate website or if I feel unsafe

  8. I will notify the teacher immediately if there are any problems with the equipment

  9. To reduce the likelihood of the spread of viruses I will always check with my school for recommended antivirus software.

  10. I understand that my parents/guardians will be notified and disciplinary action may be taken against me.

  11. I know that I can contact for technical issues and for any pastoral support.




Dear Parents,


In this age of communication technology, it is imperative that you monitor your children’s use of digital devices so to not expose them to harmful influences.


The School Cyber-safety is a very important life aspect in this digital age. You are asked to read this policy.  It is very important not to underestimate the damage misuse of the internet can cause.  Please be cautious and monitor your child’s activity of social networking sites.  Please be aware that miss-using the school platforms at home is a violation of UAE law.  Further, using social networking sites to ridicule or bully someone, even if posted from home, may result in action taken at school if it leads to disruption of the distance learning environment. 

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