Core Values

Four core values underpin our aims:

Best Practices:

Best practices are applied and integrated at all levels of the organization.  

Evidence of Best Practices should be demonstrated in daily actions at the management, school, classroom, and student level leading to innovation and performance excellence.


The school community is empowered with a perspective of, and respect for social responsibility and good citizenship, from a global and local perspective.  

Social, cultural, economic and environmental responsibility underpins this core value.



This school values the development of visionary leadership at all levels in its community. Through a shared vision and visible commitment of all school community members to the principles and practices of continuous improvement and performance excellence it is expected that leadership can be developed and nurtured.

Life-long Learning:

This school values life-long learning in all members if its community. This is espoused by all school community members being able to engage in life-long personal learning.

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